Amazon Fire Phone: the battlefield has changed

Amazon has just presented its first smartphone, the “Fire phone“. While it has many gimmicks, that’s one aspect in particular that the Verge Article has perfectly nailed: it’s the ultimate buying machine.


let me quote a specific part of the article

Firefly, a way to scan and identify products and media around you just by pointing a camera at something. Amazon wants you using this a lot, and it’s put a dedicated button on the side of the Fire Phone that’ll send you right into Firefly mode.

That’s… diabolic. And clever. You simply have to press a button to get informations about anything recognizable: a product, a service, a tv show! A single button is the barrier between your credit card and a purchase.

It’s a clear shot at brick-and-mortar retail stores, giving shoppers an incredibly fast way to compare prices. And usually, there’s a good chance that Amazon will win out.

The war is just started

Amazon has just produced one device with firefly but nobody can tell if the firefly service will not become part of the Amazon App. The normal app is already able to scan and recognize a lot of products and bar codes, just imagine what could happen if it was remotely good as they say it is Firefly ?

I’m wondering how Google will react! I suppose that a lot of transactional queries will disappear, absorbed by Firefly.

And i’m also wondering what will happen to the SEO community: is it time to talk about Amazon Marketplace Optimization ? (AMO)

Only time will tell!

Copyright of the picture: The Verge