…On the slow agonizing death of SEO

According to clickz/mashable: Now SEO may be going the way of Megalodon, a 100-foot shark rumored to exist but mostly accepted to have gone extinct a million years ago. If it isn’t functionally dead, it’s certainly in the sick-house. Google does not especially want the SEO industry playing games with its rankings, and what Google […]

Matt Cutts leaving Google.

…for a few months. Thought his Blog, Matt has announced a deserved vacation lasting a few months “till october”. So we’re going to take some time off for a few months. My leave starts next week. Currently I’m scheduled to be gone through October. Thanks to a deep bench of smart engineers and spam fighters, […]

The next marketing battle will be fight on Amazon ground

The war campaign of Amazon keep going. In order to expand its rule over his customer base, Amazon is using its strongest weapon in its arsenal: deep pockets of money. Gizmodo announced a two days bonanza where android users could download around 100$ of applications The “Epic Summer App Bundle” giveaway is only on today […]

Yottacom : la mia nuova attività professionale

Alcuni mesi fa (febbraio 2014) ho lasciato il mio precedente posto di lavoro a Milano per imbarcarmi in una avventura che non esito a definire “picaresca” (o piratesca se il termine non vi è familiare). Mi sono trasferito a Londra Alla ricerca di nuove esperienze e con l’intenzione di conoscere nuovi mercati, mi sono trasferito […]

Amazon Fire Phone: the battlefield has changed

Amazon has just presented its first smartphone, the “Fire phone“. While it has many gimmicks, that’s one aspect in particular that the Verge Article has perfectly nailed: it’s the ultimate buying machine. Firefly let me quote a specific part of the article Firefly, a way to scan and identify products and media around you just […]

Brace yourself, Google Local is evolving into Google MyBusiness

After years of sorrow and sadness, Google has finally decided to evolve its local service into something more coherent, called “Google My Business“.  Major features  Unified dashboard for companies with many retail stores Assign managers to manage specific shops Transfer ownership Make updates and posts to your customers using the Google+ page for your location Global […]

Post Implicito ed esplicito: cosa cambia per chi fa social media marketing?

Qualche giorno fa, il sogno di Zuckerberg di fare un social network di “azioni” è stato travolto da una marea di segnalazioni di spam.  O per meglio dire gli utenti si sono rotti di vedere nella bacheca l’ennesima condivisione implicita. Quindi Facebook ha deciso di limitare la visibilità delle convisioni implicite.  Cos’e’ una condivisione implicita? […]

How to remap F2 and F4 in excel for OSX

After several years of switching from Windows to OSX, there was still a couple of HUGE features which I was deeply missing: F2 (edit cell) and F4 (formula reference) in excel As a marketer, I’m truly grateful to Excel for being a versatile tool, that helped me in several occasions (especially when the Comma separated values […]

Advanced Seo Tools – Bologna – 20th may 2014

On 20th May 2014 i’ll be one of the speaker during the event “Advanced Seo tools“, organized by Giorgio Taverniti and his nice team! I’ll talk about Scrapebox, one of the most used tools by black hat SEOs and how to use if… in white hat mode, to automate tedious jobs, scrape informations and one […]