How to bypass Google Manual penalization – 99.9% success rate

Apparently Google, as communicated by the quality team leader Matt Cutts, has decided to assign a manual penalty to another Guest Blogging service called Postjoint. This rather unfortunate course of events follow another egregious victim of the quality team, the quite-celebrated-in-the-past Myblogguest. I will not judge the decision of the quality team, which is doing its job protecting […]

Seo Now (like 2014, because we evolve)

I’m missing the words here, but it seems linkdex coordinated a majestic effort collecting the seniority and expertise of a bunch of incredible people (some of them i know personally). Seo now It’s a free ebook you should download and read carefully. I’ve just scratched the first pages and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. […]

Taleo, why are you Taleo?

As some of you may have noticed, this february i’ve left Italy following my thirst for adventure. I wanted to test my Seo experience in an international scene, therefore i have moved to London in search for a new occupation. Following this intent, i have started to promote myself using several channels: Linkedin, other Social […]

Google raging across the Web

It seems Google has been on Frenzy during the last weeks, banning and hitting link networks and companies alike. After a few warning signals, google has penalized Myblogguest, probably the most famous guest blogging service, managed by Ann Smarty. The news has been covered on a post by search engine land, but it’s still bouncing […]

l’epifania tutte (o quasi) le penalità porta via

Per rispondere a quelli che chiedono “quanto ci vuole a recuperare da una penalità manuale” di Google, la risposta è “almeno 10 giorni”. Questo è infatti il tempo che è stato necessario a Rapgenius per recuperare dalla penalità di natale. Come hanno fatto ? Se avete seguito il workshop di Fullplan relativo al recupero delle […]

La penalizzazione di natale: rap genius

Vi siete ripresi dalle libagioni natalizie ? Io mentre sonnecchiavo durante la digestione ho visto passare su Pulse una notizia che ho prontamente condiviso, ovvero che “Rap genius era stato penalizzato dallo spam team di google”. ma che è rap genius ? Per semplificare è un portale di testi di canzoni rap, che però offre […]