Business Card 2.0: a local search enabler (thanks to #blueglassfl)

One of the many things i’ve learned from Blueglass conference, was that the local search is gonna be huge during the next months. While the online businesses while be (relatively) untouched by this new innovation, most of the local businesses will have to fight to retain their visibilities.

I'm all for minimal design, so there's a lot of space available to add a link to my review page!

I’m thinking about local retailers and local service providers (plumbers, hvac contractors, etc) but it will be also very important for us seo consultants: people will choose the local service providers, because google is gonna show the local listings first. And it makes sense: if you live in Miami and need a SEO consultant for your local business, you have better chances to work better and with a lower spend, if you choose a local company/individual.

Get listed now! I really mean it!

Since having a listing in google places is free, there’s really no reason to miss some business! And while you are there, expecially if you are in the USA, get the info from in order to improve your local visibility!

And when you have listed your company on various websites, create a “review” page with the links to your listing on those sites (google places, yelp, and so on)

The missing link: make the business card works for you

I had this idea in hotel, after the conference. You have a personal relation with the customer: since the first meeting you’re gonna give him your business card. Many business cards i’m seeing have lot of white space or an entirely white side.

Use that space to link your review page on your site! (using a friendly redirection possibly)

This usage of the business cards holds different meanings:

  • “if you are satisfied or unsatisfied, please give use your feedback”
  • “this is our first meeting, please read the reviews people are writing online about us”

This will probably lead to more “spontaneous” reviews, which is always good. Even if it’s not a guaranteed success, because it’s easy to “game” the system, it will be good P.R. for you for your new client.

Probably in the future we will have QR codes on business cards too, but i think it’s too early and geeky to rely only on those kinds of methods to give links.

I prefer (at the moment) to have a direct link which i can redirect and trace, something like ->(redirect to)

That way i can keep track of the visits with some simple php code and i could also “split” my visitors using different urls ( ,, and so on).

That’s it, happy local business!

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