How to bypass Google Manual penalization – 99.9% success rate

Apparently Google, as communicated by the quality team leader Matt Cutts, has decided to assign a manual penalty to another Guest Blogging service called Postjoint.

This rather unfortunate course of events follow another egregious victim of the quality team, the quite-celebrated-in-the-past Myblogguest.

I will not judge the decision of the quality team, which is doing its job protecting the sanctity of the link graph. Whoever try to violate the Google guidelines which are  splendidly explained in this video published on a Google property (Youtube), will incur in the ire of the quality team.

 How to bypass the manual penalty ?

Is it really possible ?

Of course there are ways to bypass such an action ! And of course penalized companies are entitled to resist the pressure of the Giant Conglomerate of Search: it’s democracy baby!

Fortunately the  complexity of the algorithm is already beyond the collective intelligence of the Engineers who created it. It’s a point were the Artificial intelligence become more intelligent that the organic entities that created it, it’s called the singularity.

But  let’s focus for now on how to bypass the penalization!

The Google (secret) index

What most people don’t know, is that there’s a secret index which is public, but mostly unused. There are more or less the same websites, but with less clutter! No pesky maps, no useless videos or ratings or pictures of ugly people… just search results!

And the best of all? ALMOST NO ADS!!! 

So, pay attention, this is how you can access it.

Step 1: open google

Step 2: type in the search field the secret command: BING

Screenshot 2014-04-20 20.02.55

Step 3: click on BING

Now you may feel a bit lost, the interface is completely different, the background is DARK and what about the little duck ?

Believe me, this is the best search engine Google has ever developed, i wonder why they are keeping it hidden!

Don’t fret, just enter the website you are looking for and press on the yellow lens!

Screenshot 2014-04-20 20.07.08

Step 4: let’s try to search for “Postjoint”

WOAH! it’s right there! See ?

Screenshot 2014-04-20 20.11.32

Step 4b: “this is a fluke, i don’t think it could work for MyBlogGuest!”

Ah, nice try! But it works!

Screenshot 2014-04-20 20.15.04

Fast, clean and no ads!

See what I mean ? Make some tests for your self, you will be amazed how fast and clean the hidden index of Google Bing is ! You won’t ever go to the old interface anymore!

In the spirit of Easter I’ll leave you with the image of a cute bunny.


This is satire. I think that Google has changed the world and could do great things in the future. But i also think, as an SEO specialist, that the current course of actions has challenged my way of doing things. While Google is trying to protect his interests, there are also people like me who are confused. If i can’t be sure of what I’m doing, how can my clients be certain of the strategies that we should implement if not sure myself? Google i think you should reflect on your ethics and clear your “collective hide mind”.

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