Amazon Fire Phone: the battlefield has changed

Amazon has just presented its first smartphone, the “Fire phone“. While it has many gimmicks, that’s one aspect in particular that the Verge Article has perfectly nailed: it’s the ultimate buying machine. Firefly let me quote a specific part of the article Firefly, a way to scan and identify products and media around you just […]

Brace yourself, Google Local is evolving into Google MyBusiness

After years of sorrow and sadness, Google has finally decided to evolve its local service into something more coherent, called “Google My Business“.  Major features  Unified dashboard for companies with many retail stores Assign managers to manage specific shops Transfer ownership Make updates and posts to your customers using the Google+ page for your location Global […]

How to remap F2 and F4 in excel for OSX

After several years of switching from Windows to OSX, there was still a couple of HUGE features which I was deeply missing: F2 (edit cell) and F4 (formula reference) in excel As a marketer, I’m truly grateful to Excel for being a versatile tool, that helped me in several occasions (especially when the Comma separated values […]

Advanced Seo Tools – Bologna – 20th may 2014

On 20th May 2014 i’ll be one of the speaker during the event “Advanced Seo tools“, organized by Giorgio Taverniti and his nice team! I’ll talk about Scrapebox, one of the most used tools by black hat SEOs and how to use if… in white hat mode, to automate tedious jobs, scrape informations and one […]

Seo Now (like 2014, because we evolve)

I’m missing the words here, but it seems linkdex coordinated a majestic effort collecting the seniority and expertise of a bunch of incredible people (some of them i know personally). Seo now It’s a free ebook you should download and read carefully. I’ve just scratched the first pages and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. […]

Google raging across the Web

It seems Google has been on Frenzy during the last weeks, banning and hitting link networks and companies alike. After a few warning signals, google has penalized Myblogguest, probably the most famous guest blogging service, managed by Ann Smarty. The news has been covered on a post by search engine land, but it’s still bouncing […]

l’epifania tutte (o quasi) le penalità porta via

Per rispondere a quelli che chiedono “quanto ci vuole a recuperare da una penalità manuale” di Google, la risposta è “almeno 10 giorni”. Questo è infatti il tempo che è stato necessario a Rapgenius per recuperare dalla penalità di natale. Come hanno fatto ? Se avete seguito il workshop di Fullplan relativo al recupero delle […]

La penalizzazione di natale: rap genius

Vi siete ripresi dalle libagioni natalizie ? Io mentre sonnecchiavo durante la digestione ho visto passare su Pulse una notizia che ho prontamente condiviso, ovvero che “Rap genius era stato penalizzato dallo spam team di google”. ma che è rap genius ? Per semplificare è un portale di testi di canzoni rap, che però offre […]

Seo horror stories – Convegno GT -13 dicembre 2013

La prossima settimana, avrò nuovamente l’onore il piacere di parlare di fronte alla platea del ConvegnoGT, il più grande evento legato al search marketing in italia. Il mio tema saranno le “storie seo dell’orrore“, avvenimenti che nel 2013 non dovrebbero più capitare… eppure… capitano. Come sempre verso metà gennaio pubblicherò le slide dell’evento sul mio […]