Growth Hacker and Seo in London

I’ve started doing internet marketing during 2004 and during the last years have worked for some of the most important brands in Europe.

My focus has always been to help my clients improve their visibility through the use of White Hat Seo strategies, which are the only way to obtain long-lasting organic visibility.

Growth Hacking skills

During the years i’ve improved my set of skills in order to evolve from  “t-shaped” to become a “v-Shaped” Growth hacker.

T-Shaped, i've got more specialties, hence the "V"

V-shaped skill tree
V-shaped skill tree

A V-shaped skillset, means that i excel in something (for example a marketing channel like Seo) but i also have a very deep understanding of the other channels that form the marketing mix like:

  • Technical Seo Audit
  • International Seo
  • Mobile Seo
  • Web Analytics
  • Conversion optimization
  • Google advertising (not only adwords)
  • Facebook advertising
  • Twitter advertising
  • Display advertising
  • …And many more!

The six golden rules of Growth hacking

Each project require a unique approach, therefore my method of work varies a lot.

While sometime i work as “lone wolf” (in order to be lean and effective) there are some precepts which are always part of my work ethics:

  • Measure everything: running blindfolded is the best way to fall and kill yourself. You project in this case. Measuring everything allows everybody to check the “vital signs” of a project and take educated choices.
  • Increase DAU: which is “daily active users”. Especially for startups is the most important metric.
  • Educate the team: Marketing should not be “a person” or “a role”. It’s a state of mind. Every member of the team has to understand it. Ignorance is never an excuse. You are developing an idea for people, put them at the center of your thought (without forgetting your Significant Other).
  • Get personal: “Us” instead of “We“. “I do” instead of “he may“. I’m not scared to put my ugly face on your home page and you should too, even if i have to drag you before a digital camera of a smartphone. People resonate with real people.
  • Challenge everything: I’m not afraid to challenge you, your idea, your business plan, your lifestile. And you should do the same. If you become an obstacle to your success, i will tell you. If i become a nuisance, i’ll tell you to get rid of myself, because what really matter in the end is…
  • Grow, grow, grow!


I’m a growth hacker based in London, but i often travel between Italy and USA to attend conferences and events.

Not your tipical italian

I’m loud, i like good food, i may even cook for you. But i’m also extremely easy going and i guarantee you a clear communication without any omissions.  And i respect deadlines. 

I don’t care about formalities, all i care is results. And you should too when you get a growth hacker onboard.

Ask me how to improve your visibility! 

I’m currently (summer 2014) accepting proposals. Try to give me as much information as possible regarding your project and fill the following form.

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