Getting Employed in the Seo Business with a [Comic]

During last year i matured the decision to move to the USA in order to improve my web marketing skills on the most advanced and competitive market of the world. Since i’m a big fan of the “Show, don’t tell” theory and i’m also a big comic geek, i’ve tried to apply all those weird ideas into a single presentation that stand apart from other resumรจ the HR people usually receive.

I showed the comic during a conference in Tampa during may and i’ve received some really nice feedbacks. Now i think it’s time to show this comic to the interwebs! Go ahead, read it! If you need to find me, i’m usually hanging with the mighty warrios in the Seo DOJO!

update: you may have to click on the pages to zoom and read the text.

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…if you read till the end, you will see that my business card looks exactly like the comic one ๐Ÿ™‚

My Zen internet marketing business cards
My Zen internet marketing business cards


Illustrations by my good friend Valentina. Reach her at her email,if you need some commissions to give her! Unfortunately she doesn’t have a website yet, but i’m trying to get her online.

Proof reading: The awesome duo, Tricia and Elanor Smith. Much love to you!

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