Matt Cutts leaving Google.

…for a few months.

Thought his Blog, Matt has announced a deserved vacation lasting a few months “till october”.

So we’re going to take some time off for a few months. My leave starts next week. Currently I’m scheduled to be gone through October. Thanks to a deep bench of smart engineers and spam fighters, the webspam team is in more-than-capable hands. Seriously, they’re much better at spam fighting than I am, so don’t worry on that score.

Google is a company that allows a key figure like Matt Cutts to take 4 months of vacation: other companies, take note and copy them.


The news is creating some panic, probably because some people translate “extended leave” as “i’m going away for good”.


Calm down guys!

Let’s wish Matt an happy holiday and let’s remember what happens when people spend to much time inside the Spam team 😀