The next marketing battle will be fight on Amazon ground

The war campaign of Amazon keep going. In order to expand its rule over his customer base, Amazon is using its strongest weapon in its arsenal: deep pockets of money.

Gizmodo announced a two days bonanza where android users could download around 100$ of applications

The “Epic Summer App Bundle” giveaway is only on today and tomorrow, so you should grab them while you can. Head to the bottom of the page if you need to know how to get the Amazon Appstore on your phone (remember, this isn’t Fire specific—anyone using Android can take advantage).

Since Gizmodo gain money through affiliation (no shame in that) when people install the amazon app store (which is a different application from Google play store), they even went so far to explain how to install it. (it’s a bit funky being an “unofficial” app store).

If you don’t own a Kindle Fire, you’ll need to install the Amazon Appstore for Android on your phone before you can take advantage. Fortunately it’s pretty easy sailing. Go to Settings and navigate to Unknown sources option (which is under Applications or Security, depending on your device). If Unknown sources is unchecked, tap the checkbox and hit OK.

Amazon strategy and target

This is of course a basic strategy to get early adopters and make them familiar with the Amazon App Store… early adopters are usually strong influencers.

If you can turn them to fight for you, they will eventually influence other people.



The next marketing battle will be fight on Amazon ground

And it will be a bloodbath, because:

  • The Amazon app store, is basically… Amazon. It’s not simply a place where to buy apps or games, it’s entire ecosystem where you can buy almost anything. On google play or even itunes, you could only buy digital objects.
  • Amazon bloody filters! i love Amazon categorization and search filters: by price, by rating, by category! I’m talking about, if you visit it’s still “itunes-style” AKA old style.
  • One account buy everything: Amazon already has my data and my credit card. There are no psychological barriers to get more applications or even virtual currency to use inside the games.

So, what do you think  ?

One thought on “The next marketing battle will be fight on Amazon ground

  1. Interesting! I love Amazon, it’s very interesting to see how it’s going to develop further. I like they are evolving in terms of UI as well, because let’s admit…sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the shop and offers. I like simple stuff, when it’s clear and straight to the point. From a mobile perspective, I don’t know what to think because I’m still a huge desktop amazon user.


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