How to remap F2 and F4 in excel for OSX

After several years of switching from Windows to OSX, there was still a couple of HUGE features which I was deeply missing:

F2 (edit cell) and F4 (formula reference) in excel

As a marketer, I’m truly grateful to Excel for being a versatile tool, that helped me in several occasions (especially when the Comma separated values were involved). It’s not the first spreadsheet I’ve used (for example, I was quite proficient with Lotus 1-2-3 for DOS, but that’s ancient informatics ).

Switching to osx, the functions keys had fixed meanings, and I lost the beloved F2 and F4 keys, which were replace by “raise screen luminosity” and “Launchpad”.

Today the gap has been filled by the app with the worst name of history : Keyremap4macbook 

..which actually works for any kind of mac. The replacement available are activated only while using Excel and you can have different keyword profiles, which you can switch in an instant.

Brilliant and Free.

Screenshot 2014-05-06 21.54.14